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Alibre Forum

      • Discussions 4,659
      • Messages 42,503

      General Discussion

      General comments and questions.
      Latest: Improving the Thread Tool Aug 9, 2020 at 12:22 AM, albie0803
      • Discussions 9,645
      • Messages 64,447

      Using Alibre Design

      Questions and discussion related to Alibre Design workflows and design methodologies.
      Latest: Peculiarities with Microsoft update Aug 8, 2020 at 4:11 PM, BrianE.Evans
      • Discussions 150
      • Messages 1,427

      Alibre Script

      • Discussions 60
      • Messages 414

      Tutorials and Tips from the Community

      Tips, tricks, and tutorials made by the Alibre community. This forum is only for start-to-finish lessons on any topic you choose.
      • Discussions 307
      • Messages 2,394


      Discussions about hardware choices for Alibre products.
      • Discussions 105
      • Messages 831

      3D Printing

      Discussions about 3D Printing, 3D Printers, and 3D Printing services.
      Latest: Should I or shouldn't I? Jul 20, 2020, bigseb
      • Discussions 229
      • Messages 1,636

      KeyShot for rendering

      Share tips and tricks for rendering and show off your work
      Latest: Export to Keyshot error Aug 2, 2020, Ralf
      • Discussions 1,106
      • Messages 7,039

      3rd Party Add-ons

      • Discussions 337
      • Messages 1,636

      Add-on Development

      This forum contains all documentation and samples for the Add-on framework of Alibre Design. All discussion and questions about developing Add-ons for Alibre Design should take place here.